Formic Acid

Formic Acid

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Total Acidity as HCOOH

85% by mass min.

Water insoluble matter

To pass the test

Total insoluble matter

To pass the test

Heavy metal as Pb

0.002 max

Chlorides as CI

0.005% max. by mass

Non volatile matter

0.08% max. by mass

Sulphate as SO4

0.005% max. by weight

Iron as Fe

50 ppm max.

Boiling point


Melting point

(-) 15oC

Specific Gravity

1.192 at 25oC

Packing: 30Kg HDPE carboys


  • Used as a coagulant for obtaining rubber from latex.
  • As an auxiliary for delining and pickling of fur, fixing of dyes-in leather industry and in processing in textile industry
  • As an intermediate in manufacturing of basic drugs, plant protection agents, pesticides, vulcanization accelerators, antioxidants and cleaning agents.
  • Used in preservation of silage and grams
  • Used in electroplating and as a solvent as well.