Ferric Alum

Ferric Alum

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Ferric Alum (FA)

We – Radhe Enterprise hold expertise in manufacturing quality Ferric Alum, basically Aluminum Sulphate with empirical formula Al2(SO4)3.18HO which is processed through superior-grade Bauxite. Ferric Alum is a form of Aluminum Sulphate, and widely used in lower level of paper for sizing and loading duty. In addition, ferric alum also find varied uses in pharmaceuticals. Apart, it is thoroughly processed with Sulphuric Acid under appropriate specification which makes it perfect and efficient. Most importantly, Ferric Alum is a versatile compound and easily used material for sizing paper with organic compound, rosin.

Product composition/parameter

  • Basicity
  • Insoluble matter
  • pH Value
  • Soluble Aluminum compounds
  • Soluble Iron compounds.